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July Newsletter

Dallas Creates 

From Super Bowl commercials to feature films, Dallas is the hub for Film and Television. The city continues to cultivate a thriving creative scene that produces quality, critically acclaimed, and internationally recognized work. Thank you to The Republic Co, Johnson & Sekin, Panavision Dallas, Dallas Audio Post, MPS Studios, South Side Studios – Dallas, Charlie Uniform Tango, Director King Hollis, and more.

List in our Creative Industries Directory
Our FREE directory is open and ready to list qualified freelance individuals, companies, and vendors that work and or service the Dallas-based creative industries: Advertising, Film & TV, Music, and more. 

Introducing the NEW Dallas Hotel Rebate Incentive
If your TV, film, music video, commercial, still photography or interactive project will be filming in Dallas and you are booking at least 15 Dallas hotel room nights, you could qualify for this incentive. 

Industry Events

Texas Travel Industry Recovery Program

The Texas Travel Industry Recovery Program (TTIR) is providing $180 million in reimbursement grants for the loss to the tourism industry (including the arts) from COVID-19. Join the webinar this Wednesday to learn more about the recovery program and its grants.  

Asian Film Festival of Dallas

The Asian Film Festival of Dallas kicks off this Thursday with opening night at the Texas Theatre! Festival highlights include spotlight screenings of Park Hoon-Jung’s THE WITCH 2: THE OTHER ONE, festival crowd-pleasers like Tom Huang’s DEALING WITH DAD, and many more. The rest of the festival will take place at the Angelika Film Center. Get your tickets now!

Dallas Producers Association

The Dallas Producers Association (DPA) is hosting their next Third Thursday Breakfast Club on July 21. This event is open to anyone interested in or working in media production in North Texas. The Dallas Film and Creative Industries Office is a proud sponsor of the DPA. 

Dallas Producers Association

Join the KD Conservatory College of Film & Dramatic Arts as they explore the language of filmand specifically focus on various camera shots, angles, and orientations used to express the narrative. This class is open to all levels of experience!

Dallas Screenwriters Association

Join the Dallas Screenwriters Association for their monthly Scene Reads on July 26. Have your scripts ready! Guests are welcome to attend.

Airing Soon 

Super Giant Robot Brothers – The next Reel FX Original premieres on Netflix on Aug. 4! Read the synopsis below and watch the trailer here. ‘Once the squabbling stops, the battling begins! Robot siblings Shiny and Thunder and their whiz inventor must defend Earth when space monsters attack.’ 

Flip to a Million – A new reality TV show is hitting the market! This time, it’s bringing home flippers from out of state “to make some serious cash in Dallas’ real estate market.” Learn more about the show in the Dallas Morning News article here. 

Film Festival Call For Entries

Are you looking to submit your film to a local film festival? Here are a few deadlines to keep an eye on!