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If you're traveling through these parts and need some guidance with your next creative project, you've come to the right place.

A Concierge for your Creative Project

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The Dallas Film & Creative Industries Office, formerly the Dallas Film Commission, is here to provide information regarding local resources, to advocate for support and growth of the local industry, and to make it clearly understood that Dallas is open for creative business opportunities.  The DFCIO now encompasses advertising, animation & interactive (video games, AR/VR), literature, music and still photography in addition to film & television. 

Fifty 50 Studios

Assess. Assist. Achieve.

First, we listen.

You’ve got a brilliant story, and we’re just the audience to hear it. Fill our our form or give us a call.

Next, we help.

Great story. Had us in tears. Now, let’s find local resources to make sure your production efforts don’t result in similar tears. 

Finally, you create.

Crew? Check. Talent? Check. Permits and incentives? We’ll be sure and double-check our list, so you can focus on the creative work ahead. 


Talent as big as Texas.

Whether you’re a helping produce of an independent film, writing the next great American novel or looking for a studio to lay down some tracks, our Creative Resources section has something for every right-brained individual that wanders around these parts. 


Meet Your Creative Guides

Our Dallas Creative Industries team has helped hundreds of fellow creatives turn dreams into a reality.

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Meg Gould Assistant Director
Andrew_Vela_VisitDallas_Headshot for website
Andrew Vela Project Specialist


With Dallas serving as the backdrop for President John F. Kennedy's assassination, it was only fitting that director Oliver Stone bring this epic to life in that historic Dealey Plaza setting. The 1991 film, starring Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones, was nominated for eight Academy Awards that season.