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Incentives and Grants

At the local, regional and state level, we've harvested a few helpful resources to get your creative project kick-started.

If your TV, film, music video, commercial, still photography or interactive project (such as video games, augmented reality & virtual reality) will be filming in Dallas and you are using at least 15 Dallas hotel room nights, you could qualify for this incentive.  The project must apply prior to shooting and use a participating hotel.

Click here for a list of participating hotels.

The fund is administered by our TPID Partners.


The Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program

The Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program (TMIIIP) provides qualifying film, television, commercial, video game, animation, visual effects and extended reality (AR, VR, MR) productions the opportunity to receive a cash grant based on a percentage of a project’s eligible Texas expenditures, including eligible wages paid to Texas residents. Grants vary by budget levels and types of productions, and are issued upon completion of a review of the project’s Texas expenditures.

Texas also offers:
Up-front Sales Tax Exemptions on most items rented or purchased for direct use in production;
• Refunds of the State Occupancy Tax on hotel rooms occupied for more than 30 consecutive days;
• Refunds on Fuel Tax paid on fuel used off-road.

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Diversity around every corner, you can find it in Dallas.

The Dallas area offers a wealth of diverse locations, providing cost savings and convenience in a concentrated geographical area. Two large cities less than 30 miles apart offer distinctly different characteristics: Dallas, gleaming knock out skyline, eclectic, hip, diverse.  Always something going on… sports, live music, arts & culture, whatever your heart desires.  Juxtaposed against the older “brick and mortar” look of downtown Fort Worth and the steers and boots image of the Stockyards.



With Dallas serving as the backdrop for President John F. Kennedy's assassination, it was only fitting that director Oliver Stone bring this epic to life in that historic Dealey Plaza setting. The 1991 film, starring Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones, was nominated for eight Academy Awards that season.