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Directory Rules and Regulations

The Dallas Film and Creative Industries Office Directory is designed to market the Creative Media Industries in the Dallas region.

Prerequisites to List:

  1. Applicant must have a local address.
  2. Applicant must have at least one paid, verifiable, professional industry job credit that corresponds with each selected Subcategory or must list as an intern/apprentice.
  3. The directory does not list actors or extras.

Accounts should be listed in the appropriate sector in the Creative Industries Directory. Please note, some categories/sub-categories carry across various sectors as well. Full category/sub-category lists are available here. Sectors are as follows:

  • Film/TV
  • Advertising
  • Animation/Interactive
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Still Photography

The sign-up process is on-line. The system will guide you step-by-step through a very simple application. It is recommended that you have your resume ready to expedite the procedure and ensure all of your information is current and correct.

Listing in the directory is free of charge.

Prior to your information appearing on-line, there will be a short delay for the DFCIO staff to verify the content. Be aware that you may be contacted to confirm your information. The DFCIO retains the right to reject or edit listings at any time at DFCIO’s discretion.

A listing is active for 3 years from the date it is approved/updated. DFCIO encourages you to keep your listing updated regularly.

Each crew member or support service may choose to list in up to 5 categories and sub-categories. A minimum of 1 paid credit is required per listing. If you do not have a paid, verifiable credit, you may list as an intern/apprentice. A maximum of 10 credits per category are allowed for each registration. Upon completion, your profile will be reviewed and validated before being available in the on-line DFCIO directory.

Each account is for an individual or a company/organization. If you qualify for both, you must create two accounts with two different email addresses to list as an individual and a company/organization.

Update/modify your listing at any time. Updated profiles are temporarily removed from the system until the DFCIO can review the changes. When your entry is approved, the listing will be available on the on-line directory.

If you notice accounts with incorrect or false information, please notify us at info@dallascreates.org.

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