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What does Dallas Film Commission do?

In simple terms… the Dallas Film Commission, acts as the “agent” for the Dallas area. The film commission is responsible for marketing and developing sales strategies to attract business and foster the growth of the creative media industries in Dallas, serving industry segments that produce content such as motion pictures, television, commercials, corporate videos, music videos, documentary and still photography as well as new and emerging forms of media.

The film commission is also the official liaison between the creative media industries and the community, serving as a “translator”.  They are also a resource, assisting in identifying suitable venues and locations in the North Texas area as well as finding crew, equipment, housing and a wide variety of service providers. It also acts as an advocate for growth and exposure of the local industry.

Do I need a permit to start a creative project in Dallas?

Permits, when needed are generally easy to obtain.  Rules and regulations apply to many types of projects which includes Still Photography, Commercials, Documentaries, Feature Films, Television Series, Television Movies, Television Shows, Webisodes, Public Service Announcements, Music Videos, Student Films and Corporate Shoots.

Within the Dallas City limits you are required to have a Filming Permit if your production requires changes to street traffic (i.e. lane closure, street closure, intermittent traffic control, etc.), or if you are requesting to film on City of Dallas owned property.  You are not required to have a permit just to roll film or tape.

Please contact the Dallas Office of Special Events for your permit needs in Dallas.

214.939.2701  Phone


I have a project I'd like to do in the area. What are my next steps?

We’re happy to help. Complete this form to tell us a little more about your project and we’ll get back to you.



Why should I list in the Dallas Creative Industries Directory?

Listing yourself, services and credits in the appropriate professional categories in area production directories will provide exposure to productions that are shooting in the area.  Directories that cover our area are Dallas Creative Industries Directory, and the Texas Film Commission’s Texas Production Manual (we suggest listing in both for maximum coverage).  Cost of these annual listings is minimal when balanced against your career.

Our office also maintains resumes on file.  You should send updated versions regularly (in PDF or Word format)  to info@dallascreates.org.  Production companies using us for crew and production service resource referral ask for crew lists from previous productions, for directories and on larger projects, formal resumes.

Do you have any advice on networking?

Most crew hires are not directly influenced by film commissions. Companies usually hire a unit production manager or line producer, often a local, who may have input into the employment of department heads, who often determine others employed.

Make your name and talents known to these people, so they look you up when hiring. Sometimes the usual suspects are on other jobs, and opportunities arise. Networking with crew members (even in other departments) will give you leads on commercials and other projects not included on the hotline.

Networking at various industry organization meetings and events are good ways to make yourself known in the community.  Also find individuals and companies listed in the Dallas Creative Industries Directory.

See the link below for local industry organizations.

Industry Related Networking Resources:

What is a Production Assistant, and do you have any tips?

Job Description

A production assistant (P.A.) is the entry-level position on a film crew. P.A.s provide support and assistance to almost all areas of the production, and can also work for specific departments — which can be of great advantage to you when you’re getting started. Your varied experiences with different departments can help you decide in what department you may want to specialize and make connections with crew members in those fields.

Click here for more


Are there any incentives for bringing my project to the area?

At the local, regional and state level, we’ve harvested a few helpful resources to get your creative project kick-started.  Click here to view the information.

What trade publications or websites would you recommend for the latest information on the industry?

There are many industry related trade magazines and websites available.  Several list  status of productions and all provide valuable information and insight.  It’s advisable that anyone working in the business consider subscribing to and reading at least some of these publicatons.

I have a project filming in the Dallas Area. How do I find a crew?

Search our Creative Industries Directory for crew, vendors, musicians and more.  Additionally, complete our Assistance Request form to post a job.   


What are networking opportunities and other resources for actors?

We have put together a page of resources for you.  Click here to review the information.

Being an extra looks like fun. How do I become one?

  • Jobs for extras may also be posted on the Film Commission job listings page (see links below), check back regularly.

    You can also send photos and descriptive information to casting directors to keep on file for future projects. Indicate you want to be considered for extras work. Some that specialize in casting extras are listed in the Production Directory.

    Keep in mind that there are many ways to become an extra in film and video productions. A good rule of thumb is that you should never have to pay anyone to find you work – a bonafide agent only makes money when you make money, not before.

    What is an Extra?
    Extras are an essential element of any film project. They are most often used to ‘fill out’ scenes that require a large crowd, such as a football game or parade. Extras do not have speaking roles and have little or no interaction with the stars of the film.

    How to Start
    To be an extra, you will need a recent photograph of yourself. It doesn’t need to be a professional portrait – a snapshot is fine. Attach your name, age, address and phone number(s) to the back of the photo. The next step is to send your photo to the productions in your area that are seeking extras.  Additional advice and resources can be found on the SAG DFW website.

    Finding a Production
    For information on extras casting calls for feature films, TV movies, TV series, being made in Texas, visit the job page on the Dallas Film Commission’s Web site. Casting information is listed on the hotline under
    the “Casting Calls” section.

    Each production’s casting call announcement will provide their contact information and instructions on their casting procedures. Photos should be submitted directly to the individual productions at the address provided in their announcement. Please be advised that your photo will not be returned, and you will not be contacted by the production unless you are needed for filming.

    Talent Agents
    If you are interested in pursuing a more substantial acting career in film and television, it is a good idea to have a talent agent. These individuals will help you find all your opportunities in front of the camera, and can offer guidance on what the best roles might be for you. A list of talent agents in the Dallas area can be found in our Directory or the Dallas Film Commission’s website here


I have a project that I would like to film in the Dallas area. How do I receive additional information?

Complete our Assistance Request Form and we will be happy to help.

Do I need a permit to film in Dallas?

Permits, when needed are generally easy to obtain. For complete information please see the “City of Dallas Permit Information” page.

Within the Dallas City limits you are required to have a Filming Permit if your production requires changes to street traffic (i.e. lane closure, street closure, intermittent traffic control, etc.), or if you are requesting to film on City of Dallas owned property. You are not required to have a permit just to roll film or tape.

Please contact the Dallas Office of Special Events for your permit needs in Dallas.

Dallas Office of Special Events
650 S. Griffin Street
Dallas, Texas 75202
214.939.2701 Main Number


For permit information in other cities in the region, click HERE


How do I list my property to be considered for a location?

The Dallas Film Commission maintains an extensive database of various locations throughout the Dallas area and serves as a free resource for media professionals creating content for: commercials, feature films, television shows, music videos, commercial still photo shoots and more. Media professionals often seek a wide range of locations, such as homes (all sizes and styles), offices, businesses of all sorts (including bars, restaurants, warehouses, manufacturing, farms, ranches and more), woods, open prairie, rock quarries, theaters and all types of special event venues… you name it. Abandoned or vacant property are often of interest as well as fully furnished. If it exists in reality, someone may well want to film it!  Go to our “List Your Property” page.

How do I recognize a job that seems like a scam?

Unfortunately, we live in a time when catfishing, hoaxes and scams are ever growing concerns and the film industry and crew have become targets. Scammers are becoming more and more creative in their approach, typically posing as industry professionals when contacting freelancers with employment opportunities.  Read more


How do I build a career in advertising?

This article gives great advice.  Most everyone will agree that you need to be educated and up to date on the latest practices; build a portfolio; gain experience; and develop skill sets in the area you have the most interest in.

What are requirements for permits when shooting a commercial or photoshoot?

The Dallas Office of Special Events issues the permits for the City of Dallas.  Requirements can be found here.

Where can I search for jobs in advertising?

You can search our jobs page or visit AAF Dallas’ website.

Animation & Interactive

How do I get started in Digital Media?

Get to know the creative professionals in your area through organizational Meetups, volunteering with non-profit associations, and industry events. Networking is key.  The more people you get to know, the more likely others will think of you when they have or know of an open position. Check our calendar as well for events and meetings.

How do I find a jobs?

Many leads on jobs are through referrals of people with whom you have previously worked or met. Establishing a strong work ethic, building a professional reputation and networking are important tools for finding your next job. We also post open positions for local companies on our Job Page.

What types of jobs are there in the Animation Industry?

There are many different types of jobs in animation.  It will depend on the phase of the project, pre-production, production and post production.  This article on Animation Mentor breaks it down a little more for you.

What does Interactive mean?

  • Interactive media is when a program’s outputs depend on the user’s inputs (such as with video games, augmented reality & virtual reality) and includes one or more of the following elements:

Animation, Audio, Digital Text, Moving Images, Graphics and Video.  Interactive often includes an immersive experience where you feel that you’ve actually entered another place, but are only doing so through the use of technology such as special goggles and gloves.  The technology is becoming more advanced and broadening what’s available all the time.


How do I find a literary agent?

There are many was to find a literary agent but finding the right one for you will take research.  Click here to read a great article that can help.

Does Dallas have independent bookstores?

Yes, Dallas is home to several independent bookstores.  Click here to read more.

How do I get a book published?

There are various agents and publishers in Dallas.  There are also options to self-publish (i.e. you pay a company to do it for you).  We will have some options listed in our directory soon. 


I would love to have my music in films, TV, games, commercials, etc. Any advice on how to do that?

The person responsible for the music in a filming project is called the Music Supervisor.  This position coordinates the music selection, licensing of rights and recordings.  If a studio is attached to the project, they often have relationships with preferred record labels.

The best way to start is to work on small projects.  You can build up a resume and have a better shot at the larger projects. 

Do your research before submitting  your music.  This will insure that the music you send is suitable for the film subject.

Where can I find local music resources?

The Dallas Creative Industries Office is starting an online music directory. If you work in the local industry, we encourage you to list. Also, the Texas Music Office has a searchable directory.

If you are looking for local organizations or associations, click here.

What music festivals are in Dallas?

Dallas has many music events each year. Click here for the latest information.

What Dallas colleges/universities have music programs?

Dallas Baptist University | College of Fine Arts
3000 Mountain Creek Parkway, Dallas, TX 75211-9800
(214) 333-5316 (214) 333-5311

El Centro College | Music Department
801 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75202-3604
(214) 860-2341 (214) 378-1533
Website • Facebook • Instagram • Twitter

MediaTech Institute of Dallas
Dallas, TX 75234
(972) 869-1122 (866) 498-1122
Website • Facebook

Mountain View College | Music Department
4849 West Illinois Avenue, Dallas, TX 75211-6599
(214) 860-8671 (214) 860-8770

Richland College | Music Department
12800 Abrams Road, Dallas, TX 75243
(972) 238-6284 (972) 238-6254

Southern Methodist University | Meadows School of the Arts & Music Therapy Program
P.O. Box 750356, Dallas, TX 75275-0356
(214) 768-1951 (214) 768-2000

Additional area schools are listed here.

Still Photography

I would like to set up a shoot on public property. Do I need a permit?

Permits, when needed are generally easy to obtain.  

Within the Dallas City limits you are required to have a Filming Permit if your shoot requires changes to street traffic (i.e. lane closure, street closure, intermittent traffic control, etc.), or if you are requesting to film on City of Dallas owned property.   Additional rules and regulations can be found at www.dallasspecialevents.com

Where can I find Dallas classes and workshops listed?

Dallas Center for Photography offers a variety of classes and workshops.  Click here for more information.

Where can I find online resources for photography needs and interests?

The DFCIO has a directory that lists some resources such as vendors.  You can also find a list of resources on the Texas Photography Society site.

How can I find work as a professional photographer?

As a starting point you can list yourself &/or your company in our online directory for free. 


You still have a question?

If you cannot find answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us. We will answer to you shortly!