What does the Dallas Film Commission do?

Do I need a permit to start a creative project in Dallas?

I have a project I'd like to do in the area. What are my next steps?


Crew Information

Why should I list in the Dallas Film Commission Directory?

Do you have any advice on networking?

What is a Production Assistant, and do you have any tips?

Are there any incentives for bringing my project to the area?

What trade publications or websites would you recommend for the latest information on the industry?

I have a project filming in the Dallas Area. How do I find a crew?

Actor Information

What are networking opportunities and other resources for actors?

Being an extra looks like fun. How do I become one?

Production Information

I have a project that I would like to film in the Dallas area. How do I receive additional information?

Do I need a permit to film in Dallas?

How do I list my property to be considered for a location?

How do I recognize a job that seems like a scam?


How do I build a career in advertising?

What are requirements for permits when shooting a commercial or photoshoot?

Where can I search for jobs in advertising?

Animation & Interactive

How do I get started in Digital Media?

How do I find a jobs?

What types of jobs are there in the Animation Industry?

What does Interactive mean?


How do I find a literary agent?

Does Dallas have independent bookstores?

How do I get a book published?


I would love to have my music in films, TV, games, commercials, etc. Any advice on how to do that?

Where can I find local music resources?

What music festivals are in Dallas?

What Dallas colleges/universities have music programs?

Still Photography

I would like to set up a shoot on public property. Do I need a permit?

Where can I find Dallas classes and workshops listed?

Where can I find online resources for photography needs and interests?

How can I find work as a professional photographer?