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Dallas Film/TV History

Since the turn of the 20th century, filmmakers have used Dallas and its surrounding areas as their creative backdrop. We've compiled a Dallas filmography to help give users a taste and a sample of what Dallas can look like on the silver screen.


State Fair. Born on the Fourth of July. Bottle Rocket. RoboCop.

Four random films with one commonality: Dallas.

The past, present and future have all been brought to life in and around the Dallas area. We’ve seen the State Fair of Texas reimagined as a musical and  Dallas City Hall reimagined as a futuristic backdrop for destruction. Directors Oliver Stone and Wes Anderson saw plenty of potential in all that Dallas had to offer. Here’s a running filmography of others that have chosen Dallas for film, TV and web series.


Back to the Outback (Partial) 

The TV Show that put Dallas on the Map

“Who shot JR” are words that were heard around the world.  The “Dallas”  television series transported millions  to Dallas every week.  The  show chronicled the exploits of wealthy Texas oil millionaires. Over forty years later, international travelers still visit Southfork Ranch, the home of JR, Bobby and Sue Ellen, to catch a glimpse of where the drama took place.

Animated Films Find a Home in Dallas

With ReelFX Animation Studios leading the charge, Dallas once again found its placement as a serious setting for premier creative projects like full-length animated films. Hollywood studios would lean on ReelFX for film, TV and commercial work after its successes with productions like 2013’s Free Birds and 2014’s The Book of Life.13

Dallas and its Infamous Place in World History

On Nov. 22, 1963, Dallas was the unfortunate setting for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Since then, his untimely death and the conspiracies that surround it are still reimagined for film, TV and documentaries. Studios often return to recreate the moments that took place throughout the city, including Rob Reiner’s LBJ.






Prison Break, Fox