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Picture yourself in Dallas.

Talent, Resources, and the Perfect Backdrop

Dallas has everything you need for a perfect photoshoot.  Search our Creative Industries Directory for support services and more.


Vibrant. Diverse. Focused.

The city continues to cultivate a thriving independent scene that creates quality, award-winning and internationally recognized work. Dallas has a great diversity in locations, low cost of doing business, incredible talent and crew and the infrastructure necessary to make your production a successful one. The Dallas community is one that loves film, and the area backs that up with the educational programs, film festivals and movie theaters to satisfy any film lover or filmmaker’s needs. Come be a part of Dallas’ storied film history and let this beautiful, vibrant city be the backdrop for your next project.


Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. Here’s a few samples of the most popular info requests we get.

Feel free to take a look at our entire FAQ list.


I would like to set up a shoot on public property. Do I need a permit?

Permits, when needed are generally easy to obtain.  

Within the Dallas City limits you are required to have a Filming Permit if your shoot requires changes to street traffic (i.e. lane closure, street closure, intermittent traffic control, etc.), or if you are requesting to film on City of Dallas owned property.   Additional rules and regulations can be found at www.dallasspecialevents.com

Where can I find Dallas classes and workshops listed?

Dallas Center for Photography offers a variety of classes and workshops.  Click here for more information.

Where can I find online resources for photography needs and interests?

The DFCIO has a directory that lists some resources such as vendors.  You can also find a list of resources on the Texas Photography Society site.

How can I find work as a professional photographer?

As a starting point you can list yourself &/or your company in our online directory for free. 



With Dallas serving as the backdrop for President John F. Kennedy's assassination, it was only fitting that director Oliver Stone bring this epic to life in that historic Dealey Plaza setting. The 1991 film, starring Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones, was nominated for eight Academy Awards that season.