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Advertising is the best way for businesses to communicate to customers and inform them about brands and the variety of products available in the market. Successful marketing is done using various media types, with different techniques and methods most suited to the needs of individual businesses and brands. Dallas offers an abundance of talented companies and individuals to create engaging campaigns.

From white boards to billboards, Dallas has it.

To be successful in business, creative marketing campaigns are crucial. In today’s ever-changing landscape of technology, marketing and advertising, it’s more important than ever for business leaders to work with experienced and creative professionals and Dallas offers that.


Through the Years...

Dallas has a long, rich history in marketing and advertising, becoming one of the first cities in the nation to pull out of the great depression in the 1930’s, much in part to being proclaimed the Little New York of the Southwest. Dallas was also the hub of the jingle industry in the ‘50s. Today, some of the most recognized brands in the world regularly produce television, radio & digital commercials locally.

2021 District 10 American Advertising Award Winner: "Diehard is Back" by The Marketing Arm

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. Here’s a few samples of the most popular info requests we get.

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How do I build a career in advertising?

This article gives great advice.  Most everyone will agree that you need to be educated and up to date on the latest practices; build a portfolio; gain experience; and develop skill sets in the area you have the most interest in.

What are requirements for permits when shooting a commercial or photoshoot?

The Dallas Office of Special Events issues the permits for the City of Dallas.  Requirements can be found here.

Where can I search for jobs in advertising?

You can search our jobs page or visit AAF Dallas’ website.


History of the Jingle

You might think that jingles were produced in New York or Los Angeles. Some were. But the hub of the jingle industry was Dallas, thanks to two musicians in the 1950s. "Tom Merriman and Bill Meeks," Ken Deutsch, a former jingle producer, collector and self-described "jingle freak, says, "were staff musicians at radio stations at a time when radio stations had staff musicians. Tom Merriman was a great singer in his day — great baritone voice. Bill Meeks played saxophone very badly." We don't know who was first, but they each — separately — came up with the idea of mass-producing jingles. Vocalists would sometimes sing the call letters of their radio stations with their studio bands while announcers were changing shifts. Meeks and Merriman started pre-recording these types of jingles for stations around the world. Out-of-work composers, musicians and singers got wind that there was work in Dallas, and an industry took off.

Partial article from NPR
Photo Credit: PAMS Productions