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What makes a city a good place for writers? A nice place to live, a relatively low cost of living & bookstores devoted to cultivating an authentic local literary scene. A good university or two along with a strong library system helps. A vibrant arts community with both dedicated patrons and a real gathering of writers and artists and you have Dallas.

With every keystroke and page-turn, Dallas has it all.

Serious writers work incredibly hard. They write and edit and polish and sweat in solitude. They are passionate about and committed to a deeply personal mission. They might be invisible to many Dallasites, but there are people throughout this city who are working on and have sold books, short stories, magazine articles, poems, screenplays, comic books and songs.


Find your inspiration in Dallas.

Writers – true artists, working extremely hard at a task that runs high odds of failure, driven by faith in themselves and their vision. Dallas has always had a place for this kind of hustler and dreamer. The entrepreneurial spirit of this town gives writers here a distinct edge.

Book lover. Ready to study hard!
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find a literary agent?

There are many was to find a literary agent but finding the right one for you will take research.  Click here to read a great article that can help.

Does Dallas have independent bookstores?

Yes, Dallas is home to several independent bookstores.  Click here to read more.


Places in the Heart

Edna Spalding finds herself alone and broke on a small farm in the midst of the Great Depression when her husband the Sheriff is killed in an accident. A wandering black man, Moses, helps her to plant cotton to try and keep her farm and her kids together. She also takes on a blind boarder, Mr. Will, who lost his sight in the first World War. She must endure storms and harsh labor to try and make her mortgage payment on time. (IMDB) The film received seven nominations at the 57th Academy Awards including for the Best Picture and won two: Best Actress (Sally Field), and Best Original Screenplay (Waxahachie native, Robert Benton).