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Film and TV reflect who we are, where we have been, and where we are going. It combines hundreds and sometimes thousands of cast & crew who miraculously come together and perform their duties in a way that cohesively and successfully tells a story. Films can pique any emotion at a given time and sometimes leave a mark on its viewer. While looking for the setting for your next production, make Dallas your choice.

"Never Goin' Back" Credit: Clay Grier

Through the lens and behind it, Dallas shines.

From our early days of feature films such as State Fair and Bonnie & Clyde to today’s top television series like Cruel Summer and Queen of the South, Dallas has a long history of providing the perfect backdrop for  productions.  After being established as one of the first runaway production destinations to host award winning films, we soon became a leading location for television and commercial projects as well.   The city continues to cultivate a thriving creative scene that produces quality, critically acclaimed and internationally recognized work.

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Vibrant. Diverse. Focused.

The city continues to cultivate a thriving independent scene that creates quality, award-winning and internationally recognized work. Dallas has a great diversity in locations, low cost of doing business, incredible talent and crew and the infrastructure necessary to make your production a successful one. The Dallas community is one that loves film, and the area backs that up with the educational programs, film festivals and movie theaters to satisfy any film lover or filmmaker’s needs. Come be a part of Dallas’ storied film history and let this beautiful, vibrant city be the backdrop for your next project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. Here’s a few samples of the most popular info requests we get.

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When is a permit required?

FILM & TV Directory Listings – How do they work?

Listing yourself, services and credits in the appropriate professional categories in area production directories will provide exposure to productions that are shooting in the area.  Directories that cover our area are Dallas Creative Industries Resource Directory, and the Texas Film Commission’s Texas Production Manual (we suggest listing in both for maximum coverage).  Cost of these annual listings is minimal when balanced against your career.

How do I find job opportunities on projects filming in Dallas?

When productions are ready to crew up, they will often contact the Dallas and Texas Film Commissions for posting on their online job pages.   This information is provided  to the public on the DFC JOB LISTINGS or TFC Production Hotline

Film commissions cannot release information until authorized by the production. 

The job listings page includes information on features, TV movies, series and other projects in production or pre-production, that have already chosen to film their project in the Dallas area.

How do I find locations in Dallas?

The Dallas Creative Industries does have a searchable locations photo gallery (link is listed below). These location images are a representative of the types of locations that can be found here.  No guarantees are made or implied that every location will always be current or available.

Hiring a local Location Manager or Scout is another way to help you find the perfect location.

For additional assistance, please  complete the materials assistance form (linked below) or contact our office,  film@visitdallas.com or 214-571-1050. By completing the form, we can better personalize a location package for your project.



With Dallas serving as the backdrop for President John F. Kennedy's assassination, it was only fitting that director Oliver Stone bring this epic to life in that historic Dealey Plaza setting. The 1991 film, starring Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones, was nominated for eight Academy Awards that season.