Because there are many people with considerable production experience, it may be difficult for an entry-level person to find employment opportunities. To obtain production credits and experience, and expand contacts, novices should consider volunteering or interning on productions, and let professionals they meet in networking know they would be willing to serve as an unpaid assistant, if necessary, on a project or two.

Those graduating from college or training may need a “survival job,” but think how little you would give up against what you have invested in training.

Many  very low budget independent films are produced, especially for video distribution. Limited in what they pay, they provide opportunities for less-experienced crew people to increase their experience.

The Dallas Film & Creative Industries Office offers a few unpaid student internships each semester to college students.  Most of our former interns go to work in the industry after their “tour of duty” with us is completed and have found our office to be a great way to become familiar with it.

All positions include researching, assisting with location scouting, photo cataloging, organizing, filing, heavy phones and assisting in the compilation of production resource materials.

For credit and non-credit internships – the DFCIO cooperates with many schools, colleges and universities. Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students may apply by email at

PLEASE NOTE:  The DFCIO Internship program is being reorganized and not accepting applications at this time.  Please check back.

Current Internships listed for other creative industry companies:

Local organizations that assist with placing interns in the industry are:

Women in Film
Dallas Producers Association
Dallas Film Society
Dallas Internships

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