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Helpful Resources for Actors and Extras

We post information about productions when requested. When a production is ready to solicit resumes or head shots, information is provided on the pages below.

Film commissions cannot release information until authorized by the production. Inundating out-of-state productions with job inquiries before they are ready can cause a company to lean toward another area. Most production companies do not hire local cast/crew until they have determined their locations and made other decisions — after which, things move rather quickly.

The casting call job listings include information on features, TV movies, series and other projects in production or pre-production, that have already chosen Texas locations and have asked for the information to be posted on our site.

Links to these job listings are below.

Dallas Film Commission Casting Call Listings
Texas Film Commission Casting Call Listings 

You may also want to register to be an EXTRA with the local company LEGACY CASTING:

Please register at www.legacycasting.com/legacy-actors/register

Office Number 214-785-4984


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