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Job Role:Communications Coordinator/ Web Manager

WIFD is looking for a great communicator!

The WIFD Communications Coordinator will report to and be managed by the WIFD President and the Board of Directors Executive Committee.

Job Description:

The key roles of the Communications Coordinator are managing the WIFD website, monitoring the WIFD Google Listserv, and composing any emails to be sent to the WIFD email list. The Communications Coordinator works closely in helping to format and send a monthly newsletter informing our mailing list of upcoming events and happenings in our local film community. The Communications Coordinator will also interface with the Social Media Coordinator.

*Knowledge of or experience in Wild Apricot software system experience and design software are a plus.

Time Commitment:

  • Max 20 hrs per month at $20 an hour
  • Any overtime must first be approved by the President
  • Time card is due before or by the 2nd of each month

Job Requirements:

  • Proficient writing skills and competency using CRM software.
  • Must have a thorough understanding of the principles of branding and marketing.  The goal of this  role is to keep all outgoing communication on message and in a consistent professional voice.

Job Duties:

  • Respond to email inquiries sent to the communications coordinator and/ or forward to the appropriate WIFD board member.
  • Create event graphics for WIFD events, meetings, and sponsorships with appropriate logos.
  • Create and maintain the calendar of events on the WIFDallas.org website. Many meetings and events will require registrations, special pricing and details only available to those that register in advance.
  • Write emails in conjunction with designated board members and/or committee chair ensuring all relevant event information is correct and branded.
  • Create a monthly schedule with the Board of Directors pertaining to email and newsletter distribution.
  • Keep website backend filing well organized and consistent to ensure items can be easily located.
  • Assist with pulling reports from the website when requested by any member of the  WIFD Board of Directors
  • Manage “Contact us” emails by answering simple questions and forwarding inquiries to the appropriate board member and/or committee chair.
  • Work with the Social Media Coordinator and the Board of Directors to help create and manage Facebook events and social media event posts.
  • Manage website contacts making sure that duplicate contacts and invalid email addresses are deleted keeping the database count under 2,000 plan limit.
  • Manage the website spam filter and send through appropriate emails as needed and delete spam twice a week. This task typically takes 5-15 mins each day.
  • Review, approve, and/or reject members posts for the WIFD Listserv following the guidelines and policies set forth by WIFD and Google Groups.
  • Provide a monthly written report to the Board of Directors on duties performed and any issues that should be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors. The monthly reports should be submitted to the Secretary of the Board of Directors by the second day of each month unless otherwise requested.
  • Attend board meetings when requested to discuss suggestions and concerns.

Send resumes to president@wifdallas.org