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Casting Homeowners for a TV Renovation Series

Project Information

Project Description

Are you tired of the look of your house?
Does your house need an update?
Do you want a professional designer to design a beautiful home for you?
Would you be excited to be on TV?


We are in search of families who want to cosmetically update their homes. An incredible home designer and their team will transform your outdated spaces into a home that fits your needs. There’s a number of benefits for the homeowner if they are selected!

If you’re ready for a stunning home transformation, we want to hear from you!

Here’s what we’re looking for:
Homeowners in need of a cosmetic home renovation.
Homeowners must have an existing budget between $50K – $100K for home renovations.
Home renovations will focus on 3 – 4 spaces: kitchens, bathrooms, living area, main bedrooms, etc.


To apply click here.