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Dallas Film Commission transitions to Dallas Film & Creative Industries Office

September 27, 2021

DALLAS – The Dallas Film & Creative Industries Office, formerly known as the Dallas Film Commission, introduces the transition to their new name and the expansion of their mission which now encompasses advertising, animation & interactive (video games, AR/VR), literature, music and still photography in addition to film & television. The announcement is complimented by the launch of a new website – DallasCreates.org along with an expanded online resource directory for Dallas creatives and industry professionals.

The office will continue to serve as the film commission, but now additionally as the music office and more.  It’s responsible for marketing and developing sales strategies to attract business; provide information regarding local resources such as locations, venues, crew, talent, equipment, and services.   Its mission also includes promoting and advocating for growth of the local industry and serves as the primary liaison between the community and the industry.

“Our new name and the expansion of our mission will help promote Dallas synergistically as an integrated creative city,” said Janis Burklund, Director and Film Commissioner of the Dallas Film & Creative Industries Office. “All aspects of the local creative industries touch each other: Books are written that are turned into films and shows; music is used in film, television and commercials; film and video is used to make music videos; and on and on. It’s about the business of content creation.  It’s abundantly clear that our industry is merging and transitioning due to technology and changing times. To properly sell the city, we need to transition, too.”