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How to List Your Property for Location

The Dallas Film and Creative Industries Office maintains an extensive database of various locations throughout the Dallas area and serves as a free resource for media professionals creating content for: commercials, feature films, television shows, music videos, commercial still photo shoots and more.  Media professionals often seek a wide range of locations, such as homes (all sizes and styles), offices, businesses of all sorts (including bars, restaurants, warehouses, manufacturing, farms, ranches and more), woods, open prairie, rock quarries, theaters and all types of special event venues… you name it.  Abandoned or vacant property are often of interest as well as fully furnished.  If it exists in reality, someone may well want to film it!

We are also in the process of broadening our mission and our files to be more inclusive of all aspects of the creative industries so there will also be opportunities for event and concert venues too.

We encourage property owners who would like to have their property included in our files to submit photos. Below are some basic guidelines on how you can submit your property to be included in the Dallas Film Commission digital location files at no cost.  If you are not the owner of the property, you should have approval of the owner to list.

What we need from you

Photographs of the property are highly important!  Please provide digital photos via email with multiple angles of the entire property, interior and exterior (ie: all rooms of a house/business, each exterior side of the house/business, and special features.  Think of it as you are providing a virtual tour.  Wide angle shots or panoramas are helpful to show the big picture.

Photo formatting & sizing:

    • Saved in JPEG format preferred
    • 1680 x 1050 resolution (or higher) preferred
    • File size between 500 KB – 3 MB per image preferred
    • 144-150 dpi preferred
    • JPEG compression = 8 good quality preferred
    • Please don’t send more than a total of 30 MB of images per email (attached preferred, not inserted)
    • If you have higher quality images (including panoramas), a large number of images, or other size issues, please contact us to discuss other options you can use to send them.

In addition to the photos, include the following information:

    • Contact Name(s)
    • Address
    • City, State, Zip
    • Home Phone and Secondary Number (Work and/or Mobile Phone)
    • E-mail Address

Description of property:

    • Type (house, office, warehouse, etc.)
    • Size (approximate square footage)
    • Details (any unique features)
    • Address (if different from the contact)
    • Surroundings (are you near a park, wooded area, airport, church, school?, etc.)

Please include if you are comfortable with your property appearing in our online Location & Venue Gallery or if you’d prefer we keep them private and only provide them directly to clients as needs arrive (our policy is to NOT make private homes public unless the property owner requests it).  Your contact information will also not be provided in the online gallery regardless.

Also, please let us know if you are willing to consider student or unpaid requests or only wish to hear from projects that can pay location fees and have production insurance.


What to expect

Your photos will be added to our digital library that is used to forward “location packages” to projects interested in filming in our area or possibly looking for venues to host events or concerts.  Photos sent to projects will depend on what type of locations or venues are requested.  If the production company is interested in your property, you will either be contacted by us or a representative of the production company to discuss the potential project and possibly set up a “scout” or visit.  This visit does not commit either party to filming at the property but allows everyone to see if it might work for that project’s needs.  If chosen, the production will provide you with all details of the shoot and negotiate the potential use.  If you have questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact us to discuss it.

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